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Humanity for Animals is an all volunteer organization advocating veganism. We are comprised of activists addressing global issues at the local level to help animals in need. Visit our Campaigns page to find out more about our work. 


We are a grassroots organization and from time to time we need funding for banners and 

literature. We are self-funded and sale of our T-shirts helps cover our costs.  We would like to sponsor more adoption events, spay/neuter clinics and vegan outreach events

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Brenda Calvillo and Toby

As a vegan animal rights activist Brenda Calvillo has worked with international organizations to raise public awareness of animal rights issues. She has led campaigns changing laws to ban the sale of dogs and cats in retail stores. She founded the March for Elephants in Los Angeles in 2013 which has since then evolved into the March Against Extinction addressing the wildlife extinction crisis.  Brenda saw a need to unite local activist to address global issues and founded Humanity for Animals. A marketing professional, Brenda shares her home Max and Rosie (pups), Moshe, Shilo, Monkey and Jack (kitties); Charlie, Oliver and Casper (bunnies), and Lucy and Ethel (desert tortoises).


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Ellen Ericksen

Ellen Ericksen

Ellen Ericksen is an outspoken animal rights activist. She has dedicated many years to organizing the protests at Sea World San Diego, Ringling Bros Circus, horse racing protests at Del Mar, the largest protests at Farmer John Slaughterhouse in Los Angeles and any other animal abuse that needs attention. When Ellen is not organizing protests or working full time in healthcare she commits her time do doing Vegan Outreach and also speaks at the University California San Diego and other colleges. Ellen's accolades for her activism include The Unsung Vegan Hero award from The Pollination Project and Grassroots Activist of the Year at the Animal Rights Conference.

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Jennifer Hurlburt,

Social Media

Jennifer Hurlburt is a dedicated animal rights activist and has been involved in numerous efforts to raise awareness of the plight of endangered animals, the cruelty to performing exotic animals, and the suffering of factory farm animals.  Jennifer created the Traveling Exotic Animal and Public Safety Protection Act Campaign Facebook to organize and advocate for the passage of ADI’s TEAPSPA, which would end the use of exotic and wild animals in traveling circuses and traveling exhibitions; was part of the Save Endangered Animals Oregon grassroots campaign to save 12 highly-trafficked wild animal; is a volunteer with the Oregon Humane Society; a volunteer at Chimps, Inc., a sanctuary for former performing chimpanzees; is an Admin for four animal advocacy Facebook pages;  and has been involved in many protests and marches on behalf of animals.  Jennifer works full-time, lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, son, daughter, two cats, one dog, and the neighborhood squirrels, wild bunnies, and birds.

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